Discover the Sherlock within yourself! Flex your brains and use your intellect, delve deeper and unravel each layer of mystery as quickly as possible. Probe, NIT Trichy presents Bullseye- an online treasure hunt event which will test your skills in uncovering clues and solving riddles to discover the hidden treasure. Survive through a series of levels, along with clues in various forms and containing a plethora of labyrinths and puzzles and win exciting prizes!


Prizes and Goodies worth 9000 INR for Top five winners.


The participant who cracks the maximum number of questions before 28th January 2019 is awarded the 1st prize.


  • The usual clue formats involve – URL, Source, Page and title Clues. (Clues are hidden all over).
  • Questions vary like multiple file format changes, double encryption etc.
  • There is absolutely no preparation for this game. All you need is free time and a lot of patience. Sometimes, obvious clues won’t strike you and at other times you might get deviated from your path by misinterpreting a clue. When this happens, take a break and play later.
  • The moderators are there to monitor the progress of players and glitches/bugs. An official clue tab will be available that gives a certain clue for each level and it will be updated as and when required.
  • Your attempts are tracked and unfair tactics will lead to disqualification. In case of such offenses, we will withhold the prize(s) for all those who were involved in breaking the rules.
  • The moderator's decision is final.