Are you one of those for whom array indexing starts at 1? Do you know what to do when there is a "dimension mismatch" or when your "index exceeds matrix dimension"? Come join the tribe to show your command over MATLAB with Matrix, a programming contest for all the MATLAB enthusiasts out there. Matrix tests your ability to skilfully implement algorithms and code your way to glory.


Cash prizes worth :
First prize : 4000 INR
Second prize : 3000 INR
Third prize : 2000 INR
And Goodies worth 1000 INR.


Step 1: Register with a maximum of 2 members per team at Questionnaire will be sent to the registered email ID.
Step 2:Submit the codes answers to the questionnaire before the deadline via email to
Step 3:Shortlisted teams will have finals during Probe 2019 at NIT Trichy. Finals will involve a MATLAB coding round. Problem Statement will be announced on spot.


  • Maximum of 2 members per team.
  • For the prelims, submission of codes and answers to the questionnaire is compulsory.
  • Mail the codes and answers to the questionnaire to as word doc/PDF with “Matrix_<'team name'>_<'college name'>” as the subject. Also mention the names and Probe IDs of the team members in the mail.
  • Only one submission permitted per team.

Participation certificate for all the participants